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Email Enquiries:

The Ultimate Retreat & Gift for the Person Who Has Everything . . . . . .

March 2021*, El Cortijo De Los Caballos, Spain, Dates to be Announced once the coronavirus pandemic is over.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to join me for this Exclusive Private Retreat in Spain. Choose from 2 life-changing options or join me for both. This will be another life changing transformational experience and event if you want to let go of old emotional baggage, get focused for the New Year, give yourself and 'inside out' reset, or supercharge and next level your brain, creativity and business and productivity skills.

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Brain TranceFormation

A choice of 2 life changing experiences. Learn the incredible PhotoReading Whole Mind System and experience the NeuroSuccess Rapid TranceFormation Process at this Exclusive Retreat setting in Spain.

Mind Body Spirit Retreat

If your professional development and brain power is where you want it to be, join us for the Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest Retreat instead. Five days of deep transformation from the inside out.

The Packages

Both packages include the Retreat event, your apartment accommodation, use of the exclusive private retreat space with pool and jacuzzi, plus additional beauty and pamper sessions. Check out the video tour below.

Relax by the Private Pool

We have the Retreat space to ourselves.

Beautiful Apartments

A single supplement is available if you would like a Private Apartment.

Indoor & Outdoor Dining

Indoor and outdoor spaces to eat and work.

Beauty & Pampering

There is an onsite beautician and massage therapist if you choose to book additional pamper sessions.

Check what clients say about Marilyn Devonish

“I can highly recommend this 'course'.

I have benefited MASSIVELY

from working with Marilyn Devonish on many occasions.

She walks her talk and knows her stuff.

Kathy Hector


“With so many “experts” and organizations in the field of personal development it can be a daunting even impossible task finding someone who is legitimate in their expertise and worth one’s precious time and money resources.

TranceFormations is definitely a one-stop forum where anyone looking to improve any area of their life will find a product and/or program suitable for them.  I’ve been a participant/customer of many of Marilyn’s programs, teleseminars and webinars for nearly a decade. In my experience, Marilyn’s techniques and workshops are varied and tap into a myriad of topics while all being fundamentally based on breaking barriers of limited thinking, retraining and obtaining new mindsets that ultimately enable positive growth & empowerment in every aspect of your life.

Her programs, workshops and products can help everyone from students trying to improve grades right up to experts in their respective

fields wanting to expand their ability to further their craft or business be it by photo-reading, it by photo-reading, organizational/corporate enhancements or simply positive

thinking just to name a few.

Her client base is as varied as her products, helping individuals like myself during personal life changes right on to high profile government agencies helping employees thru major organizational changes.

Sonny Olmo


“Marilyn Devonish is an exceptional

trainer, coach and speaker.

I appreciate her openness and love this video because she talks about many topics. This includes the assumptions we make about people, the practice of sharing the work of people who have changed your life, finding ways to support people who are doing good work, the power of magnetism and how easy it is to make connections with the people who inspire you and make you feel good.

Marilyn is part of my team go-to professionals, colleagues and people to recommend.

She is a radiant soul and always provides inspiration to learn something new, shift through a block and move to another level. Big love, big gratitude and big magic to you Marilyn. You rock!.

Monica Cor Auri


Why choose this Retreat?

One thing I hear most often about my Workshops and events after we get underway is people wishing it was longer because they learn a lot, love what we cover, and make great new connections and friends. This provides the ultimate opportunity to enjoy all these aspects with the added bonus of more time for each in our own private Retreat space. The venue is in massive demand and was FULLY BOOKED throughout 2019 and 2020 (until the coronavirus outbreak struck) so this is a rare chance to experience this gorgeous private space. I have no plans to offer another Retreat so attend this one while you can.

From changing your brain and neurology and learning a new business and educational skill, through to powerfully releasing old emotional baggage, limiting beliefs, and nurturing your body from the inside out, these 2 bespoke events do it all and then some.



Each event is incredible and life changing in its own right and you have access to the core product plus a ton of additional material, time to put your newfound skills into action, plus lots of rest, relaxation, and incubation time. You also come away with the skill of reading at 25,000 words per minute and PhotoReading an entire book in just 5-minutes.


If you have set New Year Resolutions in the past about changing your life, creating new habits, improving your business or professional skills, making more time for yourself, getting a project off the ground, or resolving old emotional baggage, yet not achieved your outcomes, now is the time.


A Breakthrough Session on its own is £850 per day so the week-long Retreat (2 weeks if you're taking part in both events) is incredible value even if you missed the £1900 launch price.


You can see from the testimonials below how life-changing these 2 events are. You now have a unique opportunity to experience all of that and so much more. There are no plans to offer this exclusive event again and places are limited so grab it while you can!


There is great wifi at the Retreat however that's about it in terms of daily distractions so you can unplug, use the private pool and jacuzzi, or spend time in their beautifully manicured grounds. Check out the video below. You fly into Malaga airport.

What clients have said about the MBS Energy Fest Event

“Almost everything I called for when I went on the MBS (Mind Body Spirit Energy Fest) Workshop came true . . . Zero credit card debt . . . Worked in Saudi . . . Moved to Atlanta USA from the UK to be with my children . . . Get in the Vortex! Marilyn always over delivers."

CLICK HERE to watch the YouTube testimonial video and hear Ammana share these wonderful stories in her own words.

Ammana Shaka


“By the way, I hope you had sufficient feedback now as to why we all love what you do. My email to you said it all. When one is down there will be other members there who would have been in similar positions and when one is up we can celebrate with them. No one is alone there, it's a family place that you have created and its a gift you have. This is your service work to the universe and you deliver on this magnificently. Thank you and much love"

Winniefred Carneiro


“A HUGE Thank You Marilyn for the Power of Three Programme! I have had some massive breakthroughs already in preparation for the coming year and now expect the most massive growth, expansion, learning's, connections in the coming months. My very thought patterns and feelings and experience has shifted! It seems like I am living in a new world! Phenomenal!".

Keith Higgs


What clients have said about the PhotoReading Workshop

“Hi Marilyn, 

Sitting at the airport, waiting for our flight back home.

Just wanted to send you a big heartfelt thank you for the wonderful past three days at the Photoreading seminar! All five of us very much enjoyed it and the kids fee super grateful for all they learned the past days on Photoreading, but also on all the other elements you managed to interweave with the seminar material. 

Besides the direct learning I feel it brought us closer together as a family doing the seminar with the five of us. I’m expecting this to be the starting point for a lifelong journey of self development for our kids, while Eva and I will continue our journey together with them.  Hoping to stay in touch and looking forward to meeting you soon again! Love, ."

Father of 3


“Gained knowledge beyond being able to read faster.  This will benefit me in ALL areas of my


It was all pretty perfect. I am inspired by your energy, achievements from starting where you started on your personal development journey to your amazing transformation. 

I am encouraged that I will achieve the same level of greatness."

Keith B


“Attending Photoreading workshop has been the best and most profound learning experience I have .... I realised why I struggled to piece all the information together at University by just realising how I learn.

Not to mention the huge impact using Photoreading has had on my business and It is a game changer and a skill I practice often! Highly recommend this!!

Naomi Tamaya


Pricing Plans

PhotoReading NeuroSuccess


Orientation Day & Movie Night
3-Day PhotoReading Workshop
PhotoReading Course Material
Rapid TranceFormation Day
Accommodation (Apartment with kitchen facilities)

*Limited Time Pre-Launch Price. Early booking price is £2700. Click the green button above to pay a deposit.

MBS Retreat


The Mind Day
Body & Movement Session
The Spirit & Clairvoyant Day
The Soul Day & Soul Plan Readings*
Incubation and Relaxation Day
The Goal Setting Day
*Limited Time Pre-Launch Price. Early booking price is £2900. Click the green button above to pay a deposit.
Attend Both Retreats


Attend both Retreats back-to-back
Additional Savings on the Launch Price
Retreat 1: March 2021
Retreat 2: March 2021
Private Retreat & Use of all Facilities
Use the link in the header or footer if you prefer to pay a deposit and set up a payment plan.

A walk around the Retreat

For a virtual walk around the Retreat watch the video that I filmed when I was out teaching and running Workshops for Kambio Retreats in November 2019.









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